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Elliott Levine and the Don Preston Quintet at Alvas Showroom!

by on Jan.26, 2011, under News


As far as jazz is concerned, I am so selective when it comes to experiencing music. The Great Duke said that there was two kinds of music and I say there are three; good, bad and extraordinary and good gets a “C”.


Everyone in tonight’s band is a leader and superb performer who thinks about creation and sound to its vast possibilities. Humans only use about 10% of the sphere leaving the masses truly unenlightened and gullible to be programmed to the simplest stimulation. I look at the crowd here at Alva’s Show Room tonight and see that we are small but mighty. Folks have to make a diligent effort to drive to San Pedro in search the truth and their truth inside the music. We range in age and ethnic diversity with the youth skewing the distribution. Leaves me hopeful for the future. In terms of the present, this moment “Right Here”, I predict a spike in the audible audacity of sonics, this moment in time, a beacon, if you will, that will inhabit the earth for a short time but leave its indelible “Impression” in the universe forever.

I got a chance to see the cats briefly before they hit the stage. Spreading love is a crucial part of the existence of this music, between players, musicians and audience, and whatever else we can do to pass it on and keep it on!

The play on music started with Don Preston on solo piano. Striking notes and letting the resolution speak. It is the space and the stars that are shining brightly, the melody and its implication are taking the fifth!


From stage right the sound baton is passed and we hear in the distance the coronet. As Bobby Bryant approaches the front line with plunger top in hand, we hear the purring of the cat with phat phrases as the story of the music and each of its characters unveil their individual monologues.

Elliott Levine enters from the rear on flute, the lion on his stroll through the jungle, roaring to the front where his throne is resides. On drums, David Hurley brushes his way on the scene introducing his sound and displaying a borrage of percussive flavor. The final hand off, the anchor man Nick Rosen lighting up the bass with deep resonations and heavenly harmonics creating a dance between space and beauty.

The stage has been set and the cast of characters come together to produce and blend individual, superior talent into a cerebral symphony of openness and freedom; a soul collective of living, moving and audible art!


Elliott speaks poetry over a bed of rich complimentary as he picks up his horn and joins Bobby to fragrantly raise the roof!

Listen, listen, how big are your ears to hear and enjoy such sweetness as “The Binary Code” of ones and zeros transform monologues to analogs. Live organic music can be a lesson in life, a gift in the form of sound waves that dance with brain waves creating a very unique and specific strand of deoxyribonucleic material. No one in the room produces a replication and the space in-between, around the audience and the band unite; an intimate evening of spirit and revelations.

Yes, the world keeps turning, the sun keep rising and many hours of your day have been hi-jacked by other entities but, you have to make it a point to stop, feel and seek the nutrients to enrich. Life is not just about running around chasing money, experience some of this living art and then measure your wealth.

Hear, invest and seek knowledge. Elliott Levine, Bobby Bradford, Don Preston, Nick Rosen and David Hurly, Vitamin A+, a win win!


LeRoy Downs

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