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My Love Sings, Soars and now Lives in our Hearts

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Click here for Beautiful Pictures, A Celebration of life, and a Radio Tribute all for my precious Hydeus – click here

Click Here for Update from Shirley: January 6, 2007

Click Here for an Update from LeRoy: January 7, 2007

The message from her mother below was posted just before I went to bed at 1:16am the morning of Nov 8th. Hydeus was and will always be a nocturnal creature. She would generally start to move around just when everyone was ready to go to bed for the evening. For the last few days of her life, Hydeus had lost her mobilty, could not speak and her eyes, that stayed only halfway open, were her only means of  communication.

On Monday night, her sister Jenny and I stayed up the latest with Hydeus. She was moving her arms and her gorgeous eyes were open wide and sparkling as she looked at us both. I spent those remaining hours kissing her and she had just enough energy to return those kisses. I did not wish to leave her but, I went to bed and one hour later, her mother woke me up to tell me that Hydeus was no longer here.


I had bearly went to sleep with thoughts of our beautiful time on this earth together enjoying life, love and jazz music. I spent her remaining days kissing my love and telling her how much I loved her and how much the world has been touched by her presence. It is now 4:00am on November 8, 2006 and my love sings and dances with angels and now lives in the hearts of us all.




There is a beach right outside of Carmel that Hydeus loved called Monastery Beach. It is as beautiful and alive as she will always be. I never had a chance to go there with her but, we all went to put rose pedals in the sea that is now her soul and portal for our love.


LeRoy Downs


Her mother writes below before Hydeus left the earth.

Hello dear family and friends,


Many of you have received part of this information, but we want to be sure it has reached all of Hydeus’ contacts.


The angels continue to carry all of us.


We continue to look for a miracle for Hydeus to heal and stay here with us, and ask you to put it out there, but meanwhile our dear Hydeus is making her final worldly journey in her usual style.  Many people have pointed out the miracles that have been happening.  The greatest miracle is Hydeus herself and what she has given to the world and all who know her.  The next is definitely her life love, Lee, who loves her so dearly and through these final days and weeks, is so gentle and loving and a gift to all of us.  The next miracle is our family who has loved her, and each other, every step of the way for her 34 years.  God’s grace is a miracle.   She, and we, will be fine.



 She was admitted to the hospital Thursday October 26, 2006 with breathing difficulty. The day before that, she walked herself into her advisor at University of Southern California (USC) and withdrew from her classes.  A week ago, we brought her home to Salinas.  She was admitted to Hospice Home Care and we are caring for her.  Our team is Lee, the love of her life, Tom and I, Heather, Rick and Baby Cash, Jenny and Kelly Thornberry-Hydeus’ life-long friend.  My niece, Kendra and Jenny’s friend Jodi Dick were here for the first several days and Kent, Jenny’s husband will arrive tomorrow. We have a household as dear as it could be under the circumstances.  We laugh, sing, cry, welcome visitors—there have been many—and Hydeus responds however she is able at the moment.  She has had visitors from her childhood, college days, LA, family friends, high school and on and on and on.  Hydeus told us a week ago that she wanted to welcome anyone who wanted to come.  Sometimes she meets a person’s eyes, sometimes she speaks their name—one time she wiped the tears from a person’s cheek.  It is an honor to be in her presence.



Hydeus has put up an amazing fight.  She is now very, very ill—liver failing, kidneys failing, not eligible for any more research studies.  We feel she has had the very best of everything—medical care, research studies, support systems, friends, school, a fabulous partner, family and still her journey is not what we ordered.


The doctors say she has days to weeks to live.  Without a miracle, we will miss her unbelievably.  We are all trying to stay in the present as long as possible.


She is no longer speaking, but we are sure she understands.  Jenny read her so many of the email responses and she has some way of expressing that she understands. She seems comfortable—-what a blessing.   We are surrounded by friends and food and flowers and love and prayers.  We are certainly blessed.



She is loved by everyone.  Her colleagues, professors, students and friends gave a benefit concert at USC .


Lee has set up a site that has many pictures and  an opportunity to leave responses.  Please check the site frequently for updates on Hydeus’ journey,



Much love to all,


Shirley, Tom, Heather, Rick, Cash, Jenny, Kent and Lee

Click for the Service, Celebration and Radio Tribute


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