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David Sanchez at the Jazz Bakery

by on Oct.11, 2004, under News


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David Sanchez is a very calm, very peaceful and very soulful

cat. While being strong and sublimely confident, the conversation in his

playing is very warm and inviting. The rim of his silver toned tenor gleams in

the light as he rolls out a sound that preaches speeches to an audience who

sits in awe with ears wide open. Each player takes the proverbial podium and

tells a story that affirms the leaders phrases.



Thoughts, conversation and passionate expression leads to

ideas and new ways of thinking and playing. Cognitively stimulating music

forces one not to listen casually but, to become an active participant in the

music. This is the type of dynamic sound that David and his band of outstanding

players believe in. Organic and true to the spirit of creative communication!

On piano, Edsel Gomez has such a wonderfully delicate touch. His melodic sound

is a true expression of his peaceful being. I met him the night before at a

birthday party /jam session for author, writer and jazz critic Scott Yanow and

was looking forward to hearing his sound. Hans Glawischnig had a solid and

soulful sound on the bass. I felt such a responsibility in his is playing,

destine and committed to provide the perfect bottom for this band. Henry Cole’s

entire body was involved with every beat of his drums. Fully engaged in the

cohesive timing and phrasing of each player.


Odd rhythms, beats and measures made David sound like a poet

reciting poems instantaneously like a cool cat from the sixties with a beret, a

goatee and in possession of some widely used illegal substance making such

sense with his rhythmic lyrical swagger. I so honor and admire an artist who

doesn’t focus on the norm but, sways and spins the music to entice more thought

and consciousness about all the possibilities in life.


His voice could be a whisper or it can stand up and shout

but, the point is always expressed beautifully. “Peace” is one of the beautiful

tunes he performed by one of his favorite Brazilian composers. David has a new

disc on the Sony label called “Coral” and some critics say that it aspires to

be his most ambitious recording yet. The disc was recorded in Prague with the Prague Philharmonic who took

the music to a whole new level. David said that is was such a pleasure working

with musicians who were not necessarily jazz musicians. They were more trained

in the Classical tradition but, the fusion of the two genres was marvelous.


Performing mostly pieces from the new disc “Coral”, this

multi-grammy nominated artist played interestingly composed pieces but, also

laid down some ballads to die for. Like lying down in a sun warmed stream of

caressing water looking up at a blue sky and feeling miraculously at peace with

the world. David’s rhythm section can make you feel intoxicatingly dreamy with

visions and themes of romantic love surrounding you. These guys have heart. Yes

the sensitive kind as well as the kind that it takes to exist in anywhere

toward the higher echelon of the jazz food chain. When you listen, it’s like a

slow burn. You don’t get doused with kerosene and lit, it is more like you get

seasoned and roasted so that the flavor stays and taste delicious.


From soaring and fleeting wails to hauntingly mesmerizing

vamps, David and his quartet were the Crem in the Burle, the raspberry in the

sauce, the Truffle in the chocolate and a noticeable welcoming difference in

jazz music.


LeRoy Downs

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