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Kenny Garrett at Catalina Bar and Grill

by on Feb.25, 2004, under News


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KG in the house once again! This time with an all new band and the precision and speed are still up to par. “3rd

Quadrant is on hit and the set is off and flowin’ at top speed. It was

fire from the start, just like a race driver punching fifth gear right

off the bat. Rocking, rolling, swaying and spittin’ all kinds of notes,

Kenny is known for his high power intensity. The wall of fire is




On piano, Carlton

King was tearing it up. The tune was in eight and his fingers were

splayed like Sphere and bangin’ like Chuch! A man I have seen before, Kris Funn, on bass was moving up and down

the neck with ease. Thumping and plucking and keeping the bottom tight!



Kenny seems to find

the most remarkable drummers. Each different, but all with the most

intense energy that you have not seen in a very long time. That

intensity is not a prerequisite but a given when it comes to a Kenny

Garrett quartet. The word that best describes this band is FIERCE! On

fire from the start. If you were a novice, you would have been blown

out the back of the club with only your silhouette left in the wall. I

guess that it is good that all of those who dawn upon Catalina Bar and Grill have the ears and come down to hear jazz in its pure form.



The band is working

hard but, having fun at the same time. I heard KG with a little “Oh Do

Da Daa” quote that made some of us smile from ear to ear. This band is

cohesive and they all feel and are a part of the music, they came to

play. Kenny runs a tight ship and his team is lookin’ like Shaq, Kobe, Carl and Payton dominating the stage.



“GTDS” Kenny is

always giving the drummer some freedom to do his thing as they exchange

phrases in a language many understand but only few can speak. It was

like looking back and watching two cats on the corner of 52nd St and Broadway back in the day having a conversation about who was just playing at the Three Deuces.



Circular breathing,

echoing screams of beauty. Kenny constantly maintains to be the driving

force exuding wisdom, knowledge and power. I can imagine that his

presence amongst his peers causes those who can to step up and those

who can’t to head back to the shed.


There are no breaks

with this band. One tune ends and the other begins. Straight into a

funky groove. My man on bass is all over it. One cat in the audience is

moving around so much I can see the puppet strings. KG’s horn is like

KRS One on the mic. Rappin’ like we were at a hip-hop concert. He tunes

it down into a mellow solo and his alto sounds lovely. The encore was

hot! That horn was screamin’ so much you would think that

S.W.A.T was going to show up! All in all it is certainly a performance not to miss.

I’m out. I need a neck massage!












LeRoy Downs

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