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Artist Ray Mccray

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Patrick Johnson – The Beautiful People and I’m a Baaad Man!

by on Mar.01, 2005, under News


Click Picture above for Patrick’s New Book,

“The Beautiful People

Slide Show

So many of us live and die for our art. We believe

that more than ever, this is what the universe has intended to be our

destiny. Creativity is a beautiful thing to have. We all have the

ability to reach inside ourselves and find our own jewel of self

expression that is just screaming to get out. It is the road less

traveled because being creative is a make or break business. Whether

you sing, paint, sculpt, write poetry, design cloths, or whatever it

is, there is no one else putting it on the line except you. And, when

you succeed, you get all of the glory. Failure is not an option


That is why when Patrick Johnson finished this

last group of paintings he was truly elated. “The Beautiful People”

represents a new realm and a new space physically and mentally for this

talented artist. It is a transition, in his words, from the egotistical

aspect of his career to a more mellow, calming and peaceful place to

operate from. Patrick had his art displayed in two different galleries

on the same night. Just a walk around the corner and you can literally

feel two completely different aspects to the man and his art.


The great Muhammad Ali has been an admired idol

and icon ever since Patrick could remember. He has always held great

respect and esteem for Muhammad and has looked upon him as a figure to

learn from and shape his development. What better subject to use than

your admired and adored hero as the concept for a series of paintings.

Patrick has worked on these paintings for years and the labor of love

has turned into a few beautiful projects. One being a children’s book

called “I Shook Up the World” with the artwork by Patrick and the story

written by Muhammads’ daughter May May Ali. The other of course is the

Muhammad Ali series with the great one himself coming down to Patrick’s

studio and blessing the paintings of him with signatures and praises.


For the last five years or so, Patrick has moved

from egocentricism to a more peaceful and blissful state with “The

Beautiful People”. He has seen and captured the essence, love, kindness

and true identity of his subjects and has displayed their images with

poems and song. Taking the time and moving towards a more spiritual

place in his life and in his art, Patric has looked at the world and

its people and realized how beautiful we are. As I experience his

paintings, I find one of the most interesting aspects of this series is

the power of everyone’s eyes. Yes they are windows to the soul but, it

also shows how serious and very concerned each is with the state of our

world today. They make you want to talk to each person for hours and

experience their take on life, love, wisdom and reality.


There is the Sage, the Shaman, the Fairy, the

Genius, the Massai, the Guardian, the Priestess, the Muse, the Oracle,

The Alchemist, the Prodigal “Patrick himself”, and the Mystic. Each

painting has its own song as well as a poetic verse associated with it

written by Patrick’s sixteen year old daughter Jeanay, wise well beyond

her years.


Patrick used to paint late at night while

listening to my jazz program on the radio so I feel especially happy to

contribute some inspiration in some small way.


Of course the art is for sale. Patrick would love

to sale the art as a series since the pieces work so well together as

one but, I am sure that for the right exchange, he may make some


Support the super talents of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Johnson

Artistic Creator

4126 Jefferson Blvd Studio A

Los Angeles, CA 90016


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Jazz in Art at the Tilford Gallery

by on Dec.16, 2004, under News

These four beautiful young people are the Tilford Art Gallery.

Coleman, on your left, is Director of Publicity and Educational

Development. Next is Bryan C. Payne, Head of Business Development.

Victoria Platt Tilford is the Project Coordinator and wife of Gallery Director / Curator Terrell Tilford. 


as they are also known, recognize that for culture and art thrive,

someone has to step up to the plate and provide a vehicle for the

artists to reach community and share their works with the world. Their

loyalty is devoted to promoting the emerging artist from the United

States and abroad, while providing a sacred space for artistic

discussion, education and celebration. They have taken that stand and

have proven to be quite successful!

What a beautiful celebration

when you take to art forms and combine them together to see music

expressed on canvas. Jazz is the ultimate American Artform and these

wonderful artist listen to the music and express themselves not vocally

but cognitively through their art.

The Tilford Gallery will

have the works of these artist on display until mid January but, I am

sure that if you like any of the pieces, something can be arranged for


Click on the picture for each of the artist bio's and pieces!


the arts and support the music. Buy a painting, buy a CD, go see a live

performance; it all helps to continue to keep creativity thriving !

Click Here for the pictures from the “Jazz in Art” reception!

Love Jazz, Love Art!

LeRoy Downs

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