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The Ying String Quartet at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

by on Feb.01, 2010, under News

Strings are simply some of the sweetest sounds in music. Think about our approach to music. We have been

trained to hear a sound and immediately put it where it “belongs”. Styles and

genres are nice little boxes for us to place the things that we know but for

many musicians and free-thinking people, approach to music different. Sweet

sounds are simply music and the Ying String Quartet emotes music that simply

and gives us freedom of thought.



Yes, classical music is based on precision, timing and perfect pitch, yet it is the effortless synchronicity

that lifts these notes of the page into this atmosphere of life that we take in

with each breath. Adventure and beauty are the images that are portrayed from

the music. A euphoria of sound with no classification, only feelings of love

pouring out of strings.



On the stage just for chairs, with four instruments and four humans who are so connected that they

might as well be the instruments themselves. Speakers, light shows and

electricity are not needed to tell these stories of love in flowing phrases

that melt into our bloodstream and become our thoughts of escape into musical



It is very hard to hold your feelings in and not show appreciation until the suite is complete. Each

synchronous stroke of heavenly beauty is an ascenscion into a parallel reality.

You want to return this love now, in the moment when the elation of the music

affects you the most. Leave it to the tall Jazzcat to break the protocol at a

classical inappropriate moment, but I quickly switch genre etiquette and get

with the program.


Siblings and strings has been the protocol for the Ying family. Together they have brought their music to a

vast array of performance spaces and with their forward thinking creativity

philosophy have open the doors to many diverse situations from schools and

prisons to the floors of the White House. 

No matter what the situation, the passion of the music exudes from each

member of the quartet and they bring the sweetness of that deep family bond to

the stage and into our souls.


Stories, landscapes and

silhouettes of music unfold with rich romances that are lush as life. Music

that is not bound by the chain of syncopated rhythm is free to soar on pure

emotion, layered in fragrant texture, soft on the skin and so delectable to the

pallet you can taste the sweetness of each color as it snowflakes to dissolve.



Frank Haung, the newest

member of the quartet, has become a sibling of sorts, replacing brother Timothy

on violin. Along with David on cello, Phillip on viola, and sister Janet on

violin, the musicians individually and collectively dance with their

instrument. The dance is so sweet and intimate the line between musician and

instrument become a ballet that circle and swirl from the depths of the see to

beyond the horizon. A spectrum of color joy and love that relive the worlds

stresses and transport us to self-satisfaction.


Four magnificent parts of

harmony and melody so seamless in perfection and perception a simple box of

classification will never do. Music that expresses love and joy can only be as

good for us as it is good to us!



LeRoy Downs

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