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West Coast, Left Coast Jazz and A Night of the Beats at the Walt Disney Concert Hall!

by on Dec.14, 2009, under News


The Walt Disney Concert hall is one of the most fabulous

places in Los Angeles to see and hear music. The one thing that you don’t want

to do is be late and have to get your experience fulfilled from the monitors in

the hallways. Yes, I did start my evening off late but once in my seat, the

vibe was right on time!



Charles Lloyd, master saxophonist is currently creating with

the young masterminds of altered rhythmic implications. Jason Moran, Rueben

Rogers and Eric Harland are undoubtedly the truth when it comes to blending,

twisting and delivering the freshest and freest spontaneity and Charles is

definitely lifted up by that kindred spirit.



Tonight is about the beats, the Beats man, the cats who were

slick, are slick and speak the truth to the world through poetic phrases and

often expressing views that pit reality up against the status quo and push the

minds of sheep toward enlightenment. With a narrative that is cool, hip,

straight to the point or perhaps left with much space for self-derivation,

Michael McClure’s lyrics roll over, through, behind or straight ahead with the

music to emphasis poignant perplexions. Deep is the key word as the non-linear

vernacular formulation articulates divided sentiments leaving its recipients

with choice or ignorance.



Images serve as the backdrop for the performance, which

presents the audience with a trilogy of stimulation that, may or may not be

able to be dissected simultaneously. Usually, when listing to intricate music

you take the sound, separate it, pair it with different instruments, bring

forth the certain parts while leaving the others in the background and of

course listening to all of the colors as a whole. With black and white

photographs, a voyeuristic sense separates the images from the stark reality of

color and allows you to emote the feelings of the subjects or even replace

yourself as the subject or in the scenario. And poetry, especially that which

is loaded with a full pallet of socio-political lyricism that engulfs your

interests and leaves you formulating opinions is a hard pill to swallow when

each artistic expression is so multi-faceted.


I guess it all depends on the level at which you perceive

and how comfortable your knowledgeable is about each of the subjects. Each of

the poets read excerpts of poems they selected from respected poets that they

admire, varying in style of delivery and subject matter. Charles Lloyd, who

vocally recited spiritual poetic blessings, caressed, sculpted and provided

plenty of cerebral space in the sound allowing enough room to take in one or

more of the other sensibilities.



For the second part of the performance, the star-studded

stage once again is filled with some of the extraordinary talents we have in

jazz music. Christian McBride is joined with Alan Broadbent, Peter Erskin,

Joshua Redman and special guest John Handy. Michael McClure shares the lyricism

this time with his poetic constituents Exene Cervenka, David Meltzer and

vocalist/reader Kurt Elling. Each of the poets flowed over familiar standards

delivered with creative elegance, and of course Kurt Elling blends in the story

as partial instrument/storyteller himself. An evening of divine interpretation

graced with the beauty of jazz, imagery and deep fulfilling resonations of



LeRoy Downs

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