Monday's for Jazz at the Belage Hotel

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Who said that there was not jazz seven days a week in this town! If you

want to go where the word “JAM” means just that, then every Monday

night at the Belage Hotel is your place. The Cross-Hart Connection is

on hit every week with special guest, great music and a very cool vibe.


Unlike the Belage of old where, blenders and ballads did duets, today's

management truley has an understanding and respect for  the music.

Kevin Rouse is the food and beverage manager and I have known him in

other capacities for quite some time. McCoy Tyner was playing on the

break and I asked him, “Whachu know about that?” and he replied, “Man,

I'm from Detroit!” That said it all to me.


You never know who is going to drop by. This is definately the place to

check out for dinner, coffee, a cocktail, a gorgeous atmosphere and

some killin' jazz music. Every Monday night at the Belage Hotel in West


Come on out and support the music!

Parking is $2 for the first 2 hours

LeRoy Downs

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