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Tamir Hendelman and wife to be at Clancy's

by on Jul.31, 2004, under News


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It’s always wonderful for family and friends to get together

for any occasion. Love and marriage are one of the grandest reasons. Tamir and

soon to be lovely wife Sherry are on the small stage at Clancy’s Crab Shack

glowing as they make their beautiful musical love together. Some people in the

audience have traveled from all parts of the United States to be here to witness

the magic of music, love and a bond that will last forever.


How delightful it must be to bond on so many different

levels in life. Music, relationship, love, peace and family are so important

and are such essential elements for forming an enduring marital bond that will

last until the end of time. I have never seen a man so happy, so proud and so

eager to be entering the beginning of another beautiful stage in life. Well, if

I were a bell I’d go ding dong ding dong ding as well!


“Falling in Love with Love” and many other songs of love

were the obvious theme for this special occasion. There is so much joy in Tamir’s

playing and Sherry’s voice on bass works hand in hand with Tamir. Yes, a

shameless pun but, I can’t help it. Tamir verbally acknowledges that Sherry is

the love of his life and at that moment you hear all of the women in the room

start cooing in those high pitched voices. All of the men are instantly out

done and become second in line to Tamir, the king of romantic love!


I saw Tamir at Roberta Gambarini’s gig at Clancy’s a few

months back and he had the same glow of love then. I sought his advice on

entering the new world of marriage and he was kind, confident and excited about

all the possibilities that it had to offer. I knew I was talking to the right



Sunday, August 1st 2004 will be a day of musical

love never to forget! In celebration of the event, Tiramisu and chocolate cake

were consumed and enjoyed by all. A gift to the audience for sharing is such a

special occasion.


Hey Tamir, on Sunday it will truly be you, the night and the

music! Enjoy life, love and happiness forever.


LeRoy Downs


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The Wizard Finger

by on Jul.31, 2004, under News


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I know, I know, what on earth is Wizard Finger? Well it is

an event that happens on the last Thursday of every month at a very small place

in Hollywood at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Kenmore.

If you were to drive there, I’m sure that you might say “Where the heck am I

and what am I doing here”. But, if you drop all of your preconceived notions of

the neighborhood, walk into a loft full people that you don’t know and pay just

$5, you will be delighted with music, comedy and something that will blow your

mind, Fire Dancing!


The Wizard Finger is put on by Jill and Kara who are

comedians and are extremely funny. They do monologs on events from their daily

lives and it is unbelievable how much you can’t stop laughing. They invite guest

comics, musicians, belly dancers and anyone who has any talent to come down and

brave the stage at the Finger!


The crowd is usually made up of all of their friends, mostly

eclectic types and virgins who get the experience of the Finger for the first

time. Don’t worry, you don’t literally get the Finger, or the experience that

you might be thinking of but, you do have a great deal of fun, smiling,

laughing and seeing talent that you may not see at some ordinary venue.


Every week, these cats come down and lay the most powerful

percussion as the musical foundation and transition for all of the acts. This

week, a girl walked in and said, “I’m a belly dancer” and Jill and Kara said,

“Well, get on up there!” The impromptu performance swayed, rolled and spilled

imaginative snake charming sex all over the stage. Hydeus Kiatta was there

performing some of her brand new compositions to track. No band with her this

time but, she still delivered in fine Kiattian style.She also sang freestyle

with the percussionist as they laid the bed of Eastern rhythms for the

absolutely, most exciting and amazing performance of the Fire Dancers!


Click picture below to listen and buy songs from Hydeus Kiatta for just $1


Kumala and her sister Hanna are close each performance with

their highly tranined Fire Dancers. They are yoga instructors who teach yoga in Runyan Canyon

Park for free everyday.

They also teach and perform Fire Dancing and it is an experience that is so

beautiful and exotic, you will be left speechless with you mouth wide open. You can check them out at


This is a low key event but, you can be invited if you like!

Just email Jill at, come on down and get the Finger! Their

next performance will be on August 26th, the last Thursday of every

month. Believe me, you will love it!


LeRoy Downs

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